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i) adoption of welfare institutions and helping the inmates and staff by arranging outings, fund collection drives,      reading and writing letters for those who are unable to do so;

(ii) propagation of the message of small family norms, health education, small savings drives etc;

(iii) working for improvement of physical environment;

(iv) programme of non-formal education and general literacy classes;

(v) organisation of economic development activities;

(vi) establishment of hobby centres and

(vii) assisting in the rehabilitation work of the disabled, destitute etc.

(viii) Environment Enrichment and Conservation

(ix) Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition Programme: 

(x) Programmes aimed at creating an awareness for improvement of the status of women:

(xi) Social Service Programmes: 

(xii)  Production Oriented Programmes:  

(xiii) Relief & Rehabilitation work during Natural Calamities:

(Xiv) Education and Recreations: