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Mechanical Engineering - About Us

Mechanical Engineering - About Us

Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to invent, design, manufacture, deploy, maintain, research, and improve mechanical systems like power plants, automobiles, machineries, steel structures etc. Mass, motion, forces, energy, design, and manufacturing - these comprise the world of Mechanical Engineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology exists since 2008. Along with the primary academic activities, it is also involved in extension activities like engineering consultations in the areas of design and manufacturing, and research in the areas of energy and environment.  The lab courses are handled innovatively, giving students the opportunity to apply methodology to solve current engineering problems with hands-on lab work.

The Department leads two programmes: one undergraduate [B.E. Mechanical Engineering] and another post graduate [M.E. CAD-CAM]. Today, it attracts and features an extraordinarily rich diversity and quantity of talented and quality individuals, including 400 under-graduate students, 500 post-graduate students, and about 75 faculty members, of sound knowledge and expertise. The member cloud of the Department also involves in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities. The competency of the members increases day-by-day as the Department encourages its members to participate symposia, seminars, exhibitions, conferences

The Department conducts several lakhs rupees worth of sponsored research projects annually in the frontier domains of research.

Committed to the best quality of education and research, its thrust is improving life on earth!