• Ensuring and facilitating the continual bonding of our alumni is one of the main objectives of our Alumni Association. It brings together a wealth of talented and capable professionals who share their expertise and experience, and brainstorm on the prospective avenues.
  • To provide good interaction between the former students and the college through periodical meetings, project consultancy, placement activities and guest lectures / seminar thereby making the alumni to be a part of developmental activities, taking place in the college.
  • To maintain a continuing and life long relationship among the students, faculty and Alma matter.
  • To strengthen the cooperation and coordination with industries.
  • To enhance Placement Opportunities for juniors.
  • To create opportunities for training and special projects apart form guest lectures, industrial visits and seminars.
  • To suggest modifications and up gradation, updating of curriculum to meet the industrial needs.
  • To arrange Alumni Lectures and Guest Appearances for various events like quiz, etc.
  • To organize frequent alumni meets to develop the bonding between Alumni and the institution every year.


  • Regular Alumni meets
  • Career Guidance Program from Placement Cell for unplaced students
  • Technical Seminars by Alumni in reputed organizations
  • Website updation to keep alumni informed about happenings in the college
  • Compiled Feedback analysis of Alumni Members

Online Registration Instructions

  • Click the 'Alumni Login' link to register online.
  • Enter the required details and an email will be sent to your email.
  • Login and enter your details.
  • Upload the required documents in the web portal.
    • If you're placed - Scanned copy of the Offer Letter.
    • If you're working - Scanned copy of the Appointment Order/Scanned copy of Company ID Card.
    • If you're doing higher studies - Scanned copy of proof of doing Higher Studies/Scanned copy of the College ID Card.
    • If you're established your own business - Scanned copy of the Organization Establishment Letter.