The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance participants’ problem‐solving skills and foster creative ideation. The aim was to provide practical tools and techniques that can be applied in various professional contexts. Mr. Vinoth Malaikani, Chief Executive Officer In‐Charge, Incubation Scientist, EDII – Anna Business Incubation, Research Foundation, Anna University, Trichy on 21.02.2024 expressed an Overview of the importance of effective problem‐solving in professional and personal settings and Introduction to different problem‐solving methodologies and approaches.
  • Cancer Awareness Program
    In the event of World Cancer Day, the Red Ribbon Club of Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology, Pudukkottai, organized a cancer awareness program on 08.02.2024 with active participation from 32 Red Ribbon Club student volunteers. The event aimed to educate the community about cancer, the risks associated with alcohol and tobacco consumption, and the health‐related issues linked to cancer.